Reasons for picking MAK Cleaners...

We use a Hydrocarbon machine, which uses a non-toxic organic solvent to clean clothes.

Hydrocarbon is an organic solvent that is safe for the environment, there are no known health hazards with Hydrocarbon usage, clothes get cleaner, brighter, softer and odor-free, and it is safe on beads, leather trims, and other plastic ornaments.  

Each garment will be inspected by four different quality controllers before it is returned to the customer, that makes our job as close as possible to 100% perfect.

LINDUS Dry Cleaning machine is the best product on the market.

Lindus production has always been known as a synonym for quality, reliability and innovation. Its range of machines complies with the strictest safety standards. Focal points of its production are respect for the environment, reduced consumption, and flexibility of application. CLICK ON THE PICTURE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Reusable garment bags.
Moving toward a greener system every single day.
One less plastic bag per day, is equal to 5 million pounds of landfill waste over one's lifetime.
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